Clearly See the Moments that Matter.
 clearer, brighter and delicate 


Incredible 3MP Super HD

Capture clearer 3-megapixel live video streaming and clips than 720p and 1080p cameras. No details will be missed! 

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Application 

Balance the lighting in your videos and provide properly exposed video even under backlit conditions. 

F 2.4 Large Aperture Lens Provides High-quality Image 

The fully upgraded lens can effectively reduce the loss of light, proving much clearer, brighter and delicate images.

First-class Night Vision////Peace of Mind at Night

 With ultra high near infrared sensitivity, the response of Netvue cameras under low light conditions is effectively improved, and objects can be seen clearly even in low light conditions.   

Hands-free Communication with Full Duplex 2-Way Audio 

 Send and receive audio simultaneously, like talking on a phone. Enjoy true hands-free communication without annoying Push-To-Talk interruptions. 

All-rounded Audio Noise Suppression 

 With the microphone's anti-noise function, and technologies like Audio Gain Control (AGC) and Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), Netvue cameras thoroughly and effectively eliminate unwanted sounds to enhance your 2-way audio experience. 

Ultra Low Power Consumption 

 With 22nm technology and its optimized architecture, the chip of Netvue cameras consume low power with high performance. 

Environmentally Friendly Coating

 By adopting Electrostatic Powder Spray (EPS) technology, the coating process emissions nearly no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), and  greatly reduces  energy consumption. It is truly environmentally friendly.

Lab data:The above data are theoretical, obtained from Netvue's internal labs under specific testing conditions. Please refer to the actual use.