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Protect Plan

Basic Plan & One Device Included.

CVR is Continuous Video RecordingEVR is Event Video Recording.

Continuous Video Recording, records what’s happening for 24/7, up to 10 days. You can check, save and share videos at any time, anywhere.

Event Video Recording, records videos up to 60 days when motion and ring call detected, check what you've missed through a detailed video at any time.

Notes:  To activate your Netvue Protect Plan, first of all, please check if you have Netvue account:

If you do not have Netvue account, please email for further assistance.

Continuous Video Recording

Continuous recording,
Continuous protecting.

Records what’s happening for 24/7, up to 10 days. You can check, save and share videos at any time, anywhere.

Learn More | From USD 5.99

Event Video Recording

Check what you've missed

Records videos up to 60 days when motion and ring call detected, check what you've missed through a detailed video at any time. 

Learn More | From USD 1.99

Human Detection

Focus on what matters

Netvue can recognize human from objects, get alerted when human are detected! No more bothered by normal alerts, focus on the most important things.

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Never Miss A Single Moment #Caught With Netvue Protect


Two men trying to break into the house, even with a knife, luckily Netvue Belle- the video door bell has caught everything. Time to give it to the police and bring them to justice.

Car theft

Break-in happens a lot recently.
Time to keep a watchful eye on your property. What exactly did he took form the car?

An accident caught on Netvue

That's the reason why not park your car under a tree...

Bear caught in night

See how night vision of Netvue outdoor security cameras caught in action!

Amazing Wild Life

Caught Amazing Wild Life with Vigil.

Very Funny moments

Sorry for Nikita's husband, but I just can't help but gave a loud laugh, hahaha...

A thief caught on Netvue

A thief picked the lock and sneaked into the store, luckily what he had done have been completely recorded and reserved.

Adorable Amazon Delivery Man

Look at this adorable Amazon Delivery Man!

Stealing very expensive scooter

0:17, Watch what happens at the door!

Big Jump

Come on and jump on it, you can do it!

Runaway Horse

Woo! Look at what I've caught!

Package theft

You'll never know what will happen next, Security cameras are really necessary nowadays.

Crawling spider

Look at this cute visitor. LOL


Luckily it has been caught by Netvue.

Smart Dog

No one is smarter than me!

Time for a snack

"Here is my FurSon Winston who though it was time for a snack." -Jason

Caught Deer on Netvue

Look who is enjoying the peace that lockdown brings...

Cute Kitty

Wherever you hide the cam, I'm gonna find it out.-Wawiorka

Kid's on the trampoline

Kid's having fun on the trampoline-Mummy D-J

A New Guest

A new guest in my garden that I called Topus -Francesco

Having Fun

"ah go on then......" -Dunc

Cute Cat

Adorable kitty caught by Udall

Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis, LOL

Cat defense

Wow, kind of scary.

Chuck's happiest

The happiest moment in Chuck's life is when Dennis and his wife came back home.

Lori's ducks

Lori's leisure time spending with his ducks~

Why Choose Netvue Protect?

More Information

Check videos or 7*24h replay at anytime, anywhere.

See what you missed for home security

Continuous recording, Continuous protecting.

Low Price

Netvue Protect Provides a low price from $1.99 and bundle deals!

Cloud Storage

No need to worry about losing data when the camera is broken or lost.

Data Security

We guarantee absolute data privacy to you.

24h customer service

We provide 24h customer service, in case you have any questions and need any assistant.


The pictures were very good and the cloud service was reasonable.


Now with cloud backup of your data, plus a built in storage card slot, it's easier then ever to keep tabs on your pets 24/7.

——8 Bit Tech

I opted for the year of cloud recording as a safety precaution with break-in on the rise and that was only $59 (total). No DVRs, or changing memory sticks. Fast, easy, convenient, and affordable surveillance and care for my house and animals.

——John Wayne Johnson

The cloud service is affordable around $20 for a year service. Pretty easy to setup.

——Rslph Dunn

Great security camera for keeping an extra eye on your property. Functionality is great and cloud support works very well.

——Russ Overton

Privacy & Security, Always Come First

We value the safety and privacy of your data as much as you do. Netvue Cloud Platform is deployed in the worlds largest and most well-known US cloud service provider, Amazon Web Services, to ensure highly reliable and scalable data storage performance Your Data is safely encrypted and stored on the Cloud and only your personal account can access them. Your Privacy is in good hands.

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