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Presentazione di Sentry Pro, PTZ, risoluzione 3MP e monitoraggio del PC.
[New Feature] 2-Way Communication with Amazon Alexa

[New Feature] 2-Way Communication with Amazon Alexa

Recently, we've announced the highly-anticipated launch of our enhanced Pro Series camera offerings. These include the latest and most advanced Pro Series products: Vigil Pro, Orb Pro and Sentry Pro. Renowned as innovative solutions for home security, we now offer two-way communication between Netvue cameras and Amazon Alexa.

Bringing the "2-way communication with Alexa" feature adds more value to our users. While most cameras on the market can only work with Alexa to show the camera, we are taking the capability quite a bit further. Now, you can speak with the camera, in essence. We are enabling our users to get more out of their existing electronics. Our products are extremely cost effective. We are the only affordable brand that supports to have command dialogue with Alexa.

Dynamic, two-way Alexa connectivity augments home security by enabling the homeowner to have direct control of security cameras by directly "asking" Alexa to perform specific tasks. For example, he or she can ask Alexa to "show the front door." Or, the owner can bring up the camera's live feed on Alexa and literally "talk to the front door." The user is thus able to speak directly to a person standing in front of the owner's residence.

You can initiate two-way communication through compatible Echo devices and compatible Fire TV devices to Netvue Pro series security cameras, including Vigil Pro, Orb Pro and Sentry Pro.

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