Introducing Netvue App’s New UI

Introducing Netvue App’s New UI

Netvue App New UI

In order to provide a better experience to our users for both hardware and software solutions, Netvue has been created and launched a brand new UI recently. The improvement can be found in visual, ux and some new features. 

Netvue App — Device Type

After you purchase the Netvue device, the first thing that you will do is to download the Netvue App. Clicking the + sign on the right corner, you will then select the device type to be added into your Netvue account. 

Netvue App — Live Stream View

Following the process of adding devices, you will then see the live streaming view of your device showing on the home page of Netvue App. At this page, what you can see is the status of your device, a preview of the live streaming, and some buttons for control. 

  • The left arrow is for live stream replay. If you click on it, you can check on the playback period either on the cloud or on the SD card. If your devices have registered the Netvue Protect Plan with advanced Human Detection features, you will also see that the playback timeline is labelled with Motion & Human. You can easily slide left or slide right to check on the specific motions you would like to see. 
  • The bell goes into the motion list. All of the Netvue devices come in with free motion detection feature (static image mode). All the motions that happen will be recorded and saved as three images into the motion list. You will have up to 30 days free storage for all the caught motions. 
  • If you click on the setting sign, you will acess the Settings page of this device:
Netvue App — Settings

Here is like the control central of your device. You could easily add/delete users who have access to your device from there. Motion Detection management is where you can adjust all the settings related to motion alert, such as motion alert time and zone. 

Netvue App — Motion Detection

The last thing that is worthy to share is the secret gift that our development team built in the App. Not sure if you have notice this when you switch your device name👇

Netvue App — Device Name

When you switch your device name, you will see different emojis falling down from the top of your Netvue app. And for baby room, yes of course, it would be the feeding bottle 🍼🍼🍼


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25 août, 2021 — Chenxuan Shen
Netvue Home Cam 2 Magnetic Installation

Home Cam 2 | See Everything. Attach Everywhere.

Home Cam 2 is the latest Netvue Home Cam series product. After years of innovation, Netvue has developed a brand new experience for you with Home Cam 2. Simply install your Home Cam 2 by magnet, screws, or stands, wherever you'd like to see every corner of your home clearly for both days and nights.
08 juin, 2021 — Chenxuan Shen
Top 5 Live Cam Moments of Birds

Top 5 Live Cam Moments of Birds

#BirdOnNetvue | Credit to 4 Netvue users Atthe end of May, we launched our initial specialized #CaughtOnNetvue campaigned called #BirdOnNetvue. In the past week, we were amazed to see so many great moments of #BirdOnNetvue. We appreciate all the lovely shares from our users. 
05 juin, 2021 — Chenxuan Shen
[New Feature] 2-Way Communication with Amazon Alexa

[New Feature] 2-Way Communication with Amazon Alexa

We've announced the highly-anticipated launch of our enhanced Pro Series camera offerings. These include the latest and most advanced Pro Series products: Vigil Pro, Orb Pro and Sentry Pro. Renowned as innovative solutions for home security, we now offer two-way communication between Netvue cameras and Amazon Alexa.
24 décembre, 2020 — NetvueTeam
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Introducing Netvue Sentry Pro, New 3-Megapixel Outdoor PTZ Camera

Présentation de Netvue Sentry Pro, nouvelle caméra PTZ extérieure de 3 mégapixels

We’re announcing the highly-anticipated launch of our new added value, enhanced Pro Series Sentry Pro, a 3-megapixel outdoor PTZ camera with super high definition. Improving upon earlier 1080 P models, the camera offers superior H.265 coding, which ensures transmission of video at a lower storage cost.
23 décembre, 2020 — NetvueTeam
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Netvue Vigil Pro: The First H.265 Powered 3MP Camera Launched

Netvue Vigil Pro: lancement de la première caméra 3MP alimentée par H.265

Netvue has just launched its first H.265 powered 3MP camera - Vigil Pro! As the first one of Netvue Pro series to come into the market, Vigil Pro has been significantly upgraded on all fronts, raising its performance to the next level.
27 septembre, 2020 — NetvueTeam
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Meet Netvue Continuous Recording

Découvrez l'enregistrement continu Netvue

Continuous Video Recording allows for non-stop recording of all the action, it captures everything in the background, and you can rewind to catch anything you missed.
04 août, 2020 — NetvueTeam
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Guide to Continuous Video Recording

Guide de l'enregistrement vidéo continu

Continuous Video Recording allows for non-stop recording, it captures everything in the background, and you can rewind to catch anything you missed. In this blog, you will learn about two ways to access to CVR history.
16 juillet, 2020 — NetvueTeam
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Netvue Protect Offers Bundle Pricing Now

Netvue Protect propose maintenant des tarifs groupés

The much-anticipated Netvue Protect is launched! It offers bundle pricing and is more affordable than you think. Netvue Protect supports multiple devices in one plan. This section has been moved to from Netvue app. Netvue Protect consists of 3 services: Continuous Video Recording, Event Video Recording and Human Detection.
06 juillet, 2020 — NetvueTeam
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Beta Tester Recruitment : An Upgrade Of Netvue Live Streaming Stability

Recrutement des bêta-testeurs: une mise à niveau de la stabilité de la diffusion en direct Netvue

This time we are intended to enhance the stability of audio and video transmission, tackle some occasional loading issues in live streaming, and give you a smoother live video experience.
12 février, 2020 — NetvueTeam
Netvue A.I. Motion Video Recording-Human Detection

A.I. Enregistrement vidéo en mouvement

Human Detection (Cloud-based): This advanced Human Detection reaches an accuracy of 96%, dramatically reduces false and missed notifications. Compared with the performance of the previous Human Detection in Lab Features, whose accuracy is 70%-80%, this is really a big step forward.
12 octobre, 2019 — NetvueTeam
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Meet Netvue Human Detection- One of the Lab Features

Découvrez les fonctionnalités de Netvue Lab

Netvue Lab Features, where all experimental functions will go to, and be optimized gradually according to your feedback. As the first lab feature, Human Detection is available on Netvue Home Cam and Orb Cam now. Here we would like to send a HUGE thank you to everyone who has joined our Beta Test program to make this feature accessible to everyone.
25 septembre, 2019 — NetvueTeam
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