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Presentamos Sentry Pro, PTZ, resolución de 3MP y monitoreo de PC.

About Netvue

Home Security, Done Smart

Our mission: Use AI technology to assist people in all aspects of home life and bring a human dimension to modern technology.

Our goal at Netvue has stayed the same since our inception. We strive to create high quality smart devices, that can become a “steward” of a consumer’s home – a friendly yet powerful resource that makes peoples’ lives easier and more convenient. We began making security cameras in 2008, and have since perfected our craft while extending our passion to many other smart devices, such as baby monitors, and doorbell cameras.

As we continue towards our ultimate goal we focus on improving customer’s lives by building the best smart devices in the industry – bringing your home closer to you wherever you are.

Netvue Products

Focus on Home Security

We are committed to using our rich products to serve home security and create smart homes.

Indoor Cameras. Including normal cams and PTZ cams, to protect your property and family.

Outdoor Cameras. Including bullet cams and PTZ cams, covering every corner of your house. IP66 waterproof and night vision technology allows them to operate tightly outdoors.

Doorbells. Not only a camera or doorbell, but also a smart housekeeper.

Netvue Protect

Done It Smart

Our R&D team has been committed to enabling general consumers to use AI technology, so that everyone can enjoy a smart home.

Continuous Video Recording. Records what's happening for 24/7 and saves everything in the background, you can replay to catch anything you missed.

Event Video Recording. Automatically records a video clip when a motion is detected, and push it to your phone instantly.

Human Detection. Get alerted when human are detected. No more bothered by normal alerts, and won't miss important things.

A.I-To be continued: We will develop a variety of A.I (Artificial Intelligence) powered services, stay tuned.


Always At The Forefront

We will not stop at what we have achieved, but continue to pursue breakthroughs and innovations

Patent. We have acquired more than  20 invention patents and appearance patents.

Belle-World's first AI doorbell. Belle is the world's 1st Artificial Intelligence video doorbell. It remembers familiar faces, greets your guests by their names, allows them to leave messages, handles the package delivery for you and even automatically opens your door for the scheduled appointments with preset passcodes!

First Consumer H.265&3M Camera. As the first of Netvue Pro series to come into the market, Vigil Pro has been significantly upgraded on all fronts, raising its performance to the next level.

Our Story

Our story began in 2008 while working at a world renowned security camera company.

The security industry was slowly but surely making the switch from analog to digital. “Digital, high-definition, internet connected, smart devices” were the future of security cameras.

However, at the time IP cameras were not only difficult to install, but also tough to use. We knew there had to be a solution to this problem, therefore we began reaching out to technology specialists and scientific resources.

Netvue is a technology-innovative company with a business scope of R&D and sales of new smart home products. It has a first-class software and hardware development team and provides a complete solution for mobile Internet intelligent hardware products.

Netvue began making security cameras in 2010, and have since perfected our craft while extending our passion to many other smart devices, such as baby monitors and doorbell cameras. Up to now, we've acquired 5 invention patents, 5 utility model patents and 9 design patents.

Belle production line


  • Oct 2020 - Support web playing (Pro series)
  • Oct 2020 - Support Alexa 2-way audio (Pro series)
  • Sep 2020 - Release our first consumer H.265 & 3M camera
  • Jun 2020 - Brand new Protect Plan that supports multiple devices is online
  • Dec 2019 - Create Netvue Pet lovers Facebook group
  • Oct 2019 - Human Detection is officially launched
  • Jun 2019 - Human Detection start beta test
  • Dec 2018 - Brand new UI
  • Mar 2018 - Belle kickstarter crowdfunding
  • Apr 2017 - Netvue Customer Service Platform
  • Mar 2017 - 4th Gen. Cloud Platform
  • Nov 2016 - Launched On Amazon US
  • May 2016 - Vuebell Massive Production
  • Sep 2015 - Vuebell Debut
  • Apr 2015 - Set Path On Smart Doorbell
  • 2014 - 3nd Gen. Cloud Platform
  • 2014 - Partner With Awox
  • Mar 2014 - Netvue III
  • Nov 2013 - IoT Product Line Expansion
  • Oct 2013 - 2nd Gen. Cloud Platform
  • Mar 2012 - 1st Gen. Netvue Cloud Platform
  • 2011 - Red Herring 100 Winner Asia Award
  • 2010 - Netvue is established!