The Benefits of using Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

The Benefits of using Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

Have you heard of Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras but have no idea what they are? In simple terms, these are security cameras with tilting, zooming, and panning capabilities.

A Pan Tilt Zoom camera comprises mechanical components that allow it to move in any direction. And if you are looking to get one or any other type of camera, including a home security camera system, Wi-Fi bird camera, and much more, then Netvue Home Solutions Company is the place to be! We provide our clients with high-quality smart home solution smart devices such as baby monitors and home security cameras to improve their lifestyles.

So, what are some of the benefits of owning a pan tilt zoom camera?

  • Large Area Coverage

If you want a camera that covers a large area, look no further than a PTZ camera. Its flexibility to move, tilt, and zoom allows the user to cover a large area and monitor in a way that a regular camera cannot. For example, if you install a pan tilt zoom camera on your front door, you should be able to see a front yard, a stretch of road, the driveway, and a backyard.

  • High Definition Video Resolution

PTZ cameras with high resolution are required for recording crisp images or videos. The resolution provides the essential clarity for recognizing people's faces, determining the identities of trespassers or vehicles, and even apprehending culprits in the act.

  • Motion-Based Auto Tracking

Auto tracking is one of the primary features that allow PTZ cameras to automatically adjust their field of view to follow moving objects. Motion tracking software and intelligent video analytics can be used in conjunction with the pan, tilt, and zoom functions to automatically follow the subject across a considerably greater area. They are also good for manual tracking targets since the user can control the camera functions and follow the target both in real-time and even remotely.

  • Good Zoom Quality

PTZ cameras have significant optical and digital zoom capabilities, allowing users to observe objects from great distances. Long-range images are clear and sharp because of the powerful optical zoom. For example, you can buy a PTZ smart bird feeder camera to capture photos of birds feeding from a distance and organize them in a beautiful collection. When equipped with a high-resolution HD display, you will be able to view and discern all of the various details.

  • Cost-Effective

You need not worry about your home security when you have Netvue Home Solutions Company at your service. Our pan tilt cameras are cost-effective and will help you save money. Instead of having multiple cameras stationed at different positions, you can invest in one pan tilt camera from us that will get the job done.


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Essential Features to Consider when Buying a Home Security Camera System

Essential Features to Consider when Buying a Home Security Camera System

Are you looking to install a home security camera system for your home? Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to consider before you dive headfirst into shopping.

You want to ensure that you and your family have the protection they deserve, and that’s why you need to get your home security camera system from Netveu Home Solutions Company. In our online store, you will find a wide range of home security camera systems depending on the users’ application requirements. 

Here are essential features to consider before you dive into Netvue Home Solutions Company online store to shop for the best home security camera system;

  • Resolution Quality

You want to look for that home security camera that offers high-definition images. The recommended pixel for many security cameras is around 1080, with the general rule being the higher pixel that counts, the clearer the image will be. These images will be crispy clear, and of high quality so that you can easily see what’s going in or around your home. Higher pixel also counts, allowing the camera more digital zoom, which means it can get in close to record a clear picture for identification purposes.

  • Fast Motion Sensing

Another important factor to consider when buying a home security camera system is motion sensing. Rather than recording 24/7, which can quickly fill up a local or cloud storage drive, with motion sensing, you can pause a recording until something moves in the frame. Great cameras will always wake up the moment motion occurs to send you an alert on your phone.

  • Field of View

You also need to consider the viewing angle. The viewing angle determines where you position the security cameras and exactly how much they can see at a time. A camera with a narrower field of view captures fewer images but provides more details since it appears closer to the subject. The camera will appear to be further away with a wider viewing angle, allowing the user to see more without having to relocate or spin the camera.

  • Night Vision

Night vision allows the camera to work in low-light conditions. This means that they are able to capture images or videos in poorly lit areas like backyards. Many security cameras that use this technology will emit energy to try and improve the effectiveness of the camera at night without drawing too much attention to it.


Whether you are looking for a Wi-Fi bird camera, gifts for bird lovers or home security camera, we’ve got you covered! Netvue Home Solutions Company provides its customer with quality camera systems and years of experience. We are dedicated to ensuring you have the best camera system that fits your budget and serves its needs.


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Top Reasons Why you should use a Dome Security Camera

Top Reasons Why you should use a Dome Security Camera

Security cameras provide surveillance, protection as well as peace of mind for your home or business. The two most common types of security cameras are bullet and dome security, each featuring unique features and advantages. In this article, we want to discuss more dome security cameras and the advantages of using this type of camera system in your home or business.

What is a Dome Security Camera?

You’ve probably come across small, dome security-shaped CCTV cameras mounted on the corners in banks, hotels, apartments, and retail stores. These types of security cameras are known as dome security cameras.

A dome security camera is a circular, dome security-shaped camera that can be easily installed in ceilings and walls. They are highly versatile and can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings, providing unparalleled coverage. It includes a plastic dome security that covers the camera lens, which is usually wide-angle. Because of its shape, it's nearly impossible for potential burglars to discern which way the dome security cameras are pointing, making them an ideal form of surveillance.

Dome security cameras have plenty of features and offer great flexibility, making them an excellent choice for all surveillance systems, both residential and commercial. All dome security cameras have the ability to send video signals over the Internet so that the owner can access the footage at any time. Here are some of the main benefits of using dome security cameras.

The Benefits of Using Dome Security Cameras

  1. Discrete and Low Profile

People choose covert and inconspicuous security cameras for a variety of reasons, including not wanting to reveal their security cameras to the general public or concealing them from the people being filmed. The appeal of using dome security cameras comes from the fact that they are not clearly visible and obtrusive. This makes them the perfect option when you don’t expect strangers or visitors to be instantly aware of where the cameras are installed.  Since the cameras are enclosed in a protective dome security casing, it can be difficult to see where the camera lens is pointing. As a result, no one can take advantage of blind spots.

  1. Wide Angle Coverage

Dome security cameras have a unique structure that allows them to cover wider angles and so have a larger field of vision. Surveillance cameras with a field of vision (FOV) of up to 80 degrees are usually referred to as wide-angle security cameras. Super wide-angle security cameras could cover up to 180 degrees or higher. These cameras can be modified to become panoramic surveillance cameras with several sensors. Dome security cameras with varifocal lenses provide a variable focal length, giving the user the flexibility to adjust the camera lens to the desired distance. The shape of the dome security encasing also allows monitoring at a wider angle, as the lens has the flexibility to move.

  1. Vandal Resistant

If cameras are to be positioned in places that are prone to tampering or vandalism, vandal-proof dome security cameras are a perfect choice. The majority of dome security cameras are enclosed in vandal-proof housing, making it extremely impossible for thieves to destroy or damage them. Once these cameras are installed, they are difficult to be tampered with because they are completely enclosed and require a special tool to dismantle. The minimalist cameras tend to blend in with surroundings, making the security system seem less intrusive.

  1. Night Vision Capabilities

Safety at night is a big concern for both home and business owners. Installing a dome security camera will put an end to all your night security concerns. Not only do these cameras record HD quality videos and images, but they also possess’ night vision capabilities that are needed in areas with low light. Infrared dome security cameras can stand guard your property even in total darkness. They also have an outdoor dome security camera with built-in infrared LEDs that can deliver sharp and clear images even when there is no ambient light.

  1. Weatherproof

Weatherproof security cameras are tested through their limits in a variety of severe environments. They can keep your business or home safe in temperatures ranging from beyond 100 degrees to below zero degrees. Most of the outdoor dome security cameras are designed to be both weatherproof and water-resistant. The toughened polycarbonate shell can withstand wind, rain, and snow in extreme outdoor conditions. IP65, IP66, and IP67 are common ratings for outdoor dome security cameras. Many security providers offer outdoor dome security cameras with built-in temperature gauges and heaters, allowing them to work in freezing temperatures.

  1. Affordability and Durability

When it comes to the budget of buying surveillance cameras, you should always go for quality over the cost. However, with dome security cameras, you get quality at pocket-friendly prices. Dome security cameras are quite affordable, especially when bought at reputable stores like Netvue Home Solutions Company. They are not expensive and are durable. Since the camera is extremely durable, it can serve you for several years. With that said, it is important for the users to maintain and clean the camera regularly to keep it free from dirt, dust, and bad weather conditions, thereby prolonging its lifespan.

  1. Ease of Installation

The installation of dome security cameras is simple, making it an affordable choice for home and business owners. Before mounting dome security surveillance cameras, the user merely needs to position the bracket on the surface and screw it in place. However, there is a difference between wired and wireless dome security cameras, which necessitates drilling into the wall and running cables around the house. Wireless dome security cameras, on the other hand, operate over a Wi-Fi network and do not require any wire for video transmission. One notable distinction is that some exterior dome security cameras cannot be easily readjusted once installed to the ceiling.


Are you looking for a reliable and affordable live cam bird feeder or a dome security camera? When you're looking for quality products at a fair price, Netvue Home Solutions Company's cameras and systems are an excellent all-around and versatile alternative. Using our innovative surveillance technology, you rest assured of enjoying a variety of top-quality features from all our products including Netvue bird feeder camera and more!

Kindly visit Home Solutions Company's official website and make your selections today!

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What is a Bullet Camera and its Advantages to your Home or Business

What is a Bullet Camera and its Advantages to your Home or Business

It’s much less painful to prevent a break-in than deal with the aftermath. This is why most people are investing in a security camera system to enhance security in their homes and businesses. Once you have decided on the type of security system you want, the next crucial step is choosing the type of camera you will install. The two main types of cameras include bullet and dome cameras.

What is a Bullet Camera?

A bullet camera is named after its distinct cylindrical shape, which resembles bullet shells or lipstick tubes. A bullet camera is a small camera designed for security applications and can operate both indoors and outdoors. Sometimes referred to as bullet cameras, these surveillance devices can be easily mounted and allow the user to cover a fixed area without dispersing your vision.

There are different types of bullet cameras. Some of the most common types are mini bullet cameras, pan tilt zoom bullet cameras, outdoor bullet cameras, analog bullet cameras and IP bullet cameras. Each of these cameras has its unique features, which makes them suitable for their role.

The bullet cameras have a lot of advantages which makes them friendly to the users. With a telescopic style of a zoom lens, bullet cameras can often achieve great image quality even when zoomed in to the maximum and positioned far from the area of interest. Read through to learn more benefits of using bullet cameras.

The Advantages of using Bullet Cameras

  • Visible Deterrent

One of the main advantages of using a bullet camera is that it is frequently used to deter crime. The design itself is intrusive and more visible, which means that they can deter potion break-in. This means installing a visible and clear bullet camera will help keep your property off the target from possible burglars. While this makes them more distinguishable, this added presence actually makes them highly effective at increasing the overall efficiency of your security camera system. Different studies have shown that burglars are reluctant to break into a property that has a visible surveillance camera.

  • High Resolution

Depending on the make and model of these cameras, the resolution may vary however it is highly advisable to buy bullet cameras with high resolutions. Bullet cameras use infrared LEDs to ensure good visibility at all times. The infrared bullet cameras can capture high-quality images in dark places. They can turn on their infrared feature where there is low light to record clear images and videos. It also can turn off the feature when the light is normal.

  • Longer and Wider Range

Since bullet cameras have longer bodies, they can use a longer lens with a wider range. A security camera’s range is determined by a couple of factors, including the type of lens used, resolution, sensor and more. And due to their longer form, bullet cameras are capable of housing larger lenses. It is also better suited for longer-range recording because it has a telephoto lens that is ideal for coverage in large areas and environments.  The fact that they can easily maneuver in different positions makes them the best option for monitoring areas with a lot of motion, for example, a parking lot.

  • Versatility

Bullet cameras are highly functional and versatile. You will find different types of bullet cameras like analog cameras, IP cameras and much more. They come with a wide range of features like IR night vision, HD quality, optical zoom, progressive scan, motion sensors and much more! Some are wired while others are wireless and most people prefer wireless ones because they can take them anywhere. With all these exciting features, buying a bullet camera is a great investment that will help keep your home safe. 

  • Easy Installation and Adjustment

Bullet cameras are easy to install because they can be mounted on walls and ceilings. They have a mounting handle attached to the body of the camera, making them easier to install compared to other types of surveillance cameras. These cameras are also easily adjustable, and due to their flexible positioning, the user can easily move the camera into a position as well as reposition when needed. If your bullet camera isn’t capturing the information you need, you can easily reposition manually at the camera or remotely, depending on the model you bought.

  • Durable

Since bullet cameras are mostly made for outdoor use, these cameras are built to withstand harsh weather conditions such as hot summers, heavy rains and freezing winters. Its lip is specially designed to protect its lens from dirt, debris and glare from sunlight. Another advantage is that these cameras can also be used underwater because they are capable of withstanding the pressure of 100 feet below the water surface. If you are planning to buy outdoor bullet cameras, it is highly recommended to go for those with an IP rating of 66 or 67 to withstand harsh weather elements.

  • Night Vision

Most bullet cameras come equipped with IR illuminators to enhance the surveillance when there is low light quality. Cameras with night visions are used to maximize images and video surveillance systems in low light conditions. Most of the bullet cameras model comes with an automatic IR turn-on feature that switches to the IR mode when lighting is low and back to normal when the light is enough.


Now that you know what a bullet camera is and the pros of using this camera, it’s time to get one from us. At Netvue Home Solutions Company, we have the experience needed to secure your home with the best cameras. Be it is a wireless bird feeder camera, dome security camera or a squirrel proof bird feeder camera, we have them all.

Improve your security system today by keeping your home or business safe with products from Netvue Home Solutions Company and you will never regret making that decision! Check out our portfolio for a variety of camera options depending on your need and budget. Contact us today to know how we can install the right security system for you!

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4 Key Reasons to Buy a PTZ-enabled Netvue Camera

4 Key Reasons to Buy a PTZ-enabled Netvue Camera

A pan tilt zoom camera or a PTZ-enabled security camera is a type of surveillance camera that can move sideways (pan), turn at different angles (tilt), and enlarge images (zoom) as it captures footage. The ability to pan, tilt and zoom makes PTZ cameras a good choice when you would like to get video footage that is more detailed and captured from different angles.

Here are four major reasons you need to buy a Netvue camera that has the PTZ feature.

  1. The Camera Has a Wide Field of View:

A camera’s field of view is the feature that determines the angular area that the camera can see. The general rule is that cameras that can rotate or pan, tilt and zoom have a wider field of view than those with a fixed viewing position.

Specifically, security cameras that rotate or have the PTZ feature can shift the viewing position and thus see a larger area than other types of cameras. Another benefit of a pan tilt zoom camera is that it zoom images, which makes it possible for users to see larger images. With larger images, you can see the fine details in any given video.

pan tilt zoom camera is also beneficial because its ability to capture images from different angles leads to fewer blind spots. Therefore, you may need fewer camerasto view some areas if your cameras are PTZ enabled.  

  1. Two-way Audio:

The two-way audio feature of a PTZ camera allows you to communicate using this camera. If you buy a Netvue camera that has the PTZ feature, you will be able to communicate with your loved ones via video, monitor deliveries, and keep an eye on your home’s security.

  1. Autofocus Capability:

PTZ cameras are also unique in that they are able to autofocus. The camera automatically focuses and changes image positions to give you a better view of the area that is under surveillance.

  1. Warranty and Return Policy:

Another reason why you should buy a device has a one year warranty, and buyers get lifetime service Netvue camera is that the upon purchase of the product. Hence, you can count on Netvue cameras for quality and performance. 

Netvue also allows buyers to return products that they are not satisfied with within 30 days from the time that the product is delivered. So, after making a purchase, you have ample time to assess your camera and ascertain whether it meets the expected performance level.


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4 Must-know Tips for Installing Wireless Security Cameras

4 Must-know Tips for Installing Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras and other types of security cameras play an important role as regards your home’ security. Security cameras can deter crime by scaring potential intruders. The footage recorded by these cameras can also be used to identify and trail perpetrators of crime in your home.

You can also use wireless security cameras as devices for keeping in touch with your kids and other people at home, especially when the cameras are equipped with two-way communication.

In order to get the best results from your wireless home camera system, you need to consider the conditions in which the camera will be used. You should also buy the right types of cameras and ensure the devices are installed in the right locations. Let’s look at these points in detail.

  1. Consider the Conditions in Which the Camera Will Be Used:

You have to be familiar with the conditions in which your wireless security cameras will be used. A good wireless home camera system should be well-matched with the conditions in which it is operated. For example, you need to consider the amount of light in the area that you would like to monitor and whether the camera will be exposed to elements such as high temperature, humidity or rain.

  1. Buy the Right Camera Types:

For effective home security surveillance, you need both indoor and outdoor security cameras. Buying the right type of camera means matching the camera’s features with the space that you would like to monitor.

So you should determine the places that need outdoor cameras and those that need indoor cameras. You should also look at each camera’s key features including its viewing angle, resolution, storage capacity and storage type, and whether the camera can be used at night or in low light conditions.

  1. Install Security Cameras in the Right Places:

We can all agree that there is no one one-size-fits-all way of installing security cameras in homes because different homes have different layouts. But there are key outdoor and indoor areas that need to be monitored in every home to enhance security.

The outdoor areas that you need to monitor include all entrances, driveways, garages, detached buildings, and yards. You also need to have security cameras for indoor areas like kitchens, living rooms, stairways and hallways.

  1. Place Cameras at the Correct Height:

You should position your security cameras at a good height (7 to 9 ft. from the ground) so that they can effectively capture images and be safe from vandals.


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4 Things to Do When You Visit a Security Camera Online Store

4 Things to Do When You Visit a Security Camera Online Store

When you visit asecurity camera online store, you may find it difficult to quickly select a device that meets your needs. This is because there are many cameras with different designs and features. But knowing the type of camera that you need for your home can help you to easily select the right camera. Let’s look at 4 key things that you need to do when you visit asecurity camera online store.

  1. Filter Cameras by Type:

Security cameras can be indoor systems or outdoor systems. When you visit a security camera online store, youneed to decide whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor camera system.

By entering the right search words on the online platform, you will get results that have been filtered to suit what you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for a wireless indoor security camera, your search should be focused on wireless indoor security cameras.

  1. Focus on the Key Features That You Need:

As you look at the different results after performing a search, you need to look at each device critically in terms of the features that it has. The features should be well-matched with your surveillance need, which means that you also need to be conversant with the indoor or outdoor space that you would like to monitor.

Some of the important features that you should compare when looking at different cameras include resolution, field of view, night vision capability, storage capacity, whether the camera supports web access, and ease of installation of the camera.

The best wireless indoor security camera or other type of device should have a wide field of view, a good resolution, and be easy to install. The camera should also be able to support a large memory capacity.

  1. Compare Prices:

As you look at the different features of security cameras, you should also compare prices including shipping charges. The best price is the one that gives you the best value in terms of a security camera’s features and performance.

  1. Check Warranty and Return Policy:

The best wireless indoor security camera or any other device that you select from a security camera online store should have a reasonable warranty as well as flexible return terms. For instance, Netvue cameras have a one year warranty and you can return a product within thirty days from the day it was delivered.


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5 Key Places to Mount Outdoor Security Cameras

5 Key Places to Mount Outdoor Security Cameras

Well-positioned outdoor security cameras can help you in three major ways. First, these cameras can deter would-be burglars. When burglars notice that your home has security cameras, they will be hesitant when it comes to breaking into the home or attempting to steal any of your properties.

Secondly, outdoor security cameras can help you identify intruders who ignore the cameras or don’t notice them. In particular, if your cameras have motion alerts, they will inform you when they detect movement in some areas of your home.

Outdoor security cameras also increase chances of catching intruders. Law enforcement agencies can use the video footage from your security cameras to identify and pursue criminals in case of a break-in, theft, or other kind of criminal activity in your home.

To be effective, security cameras like the Netvue Orb cam have to be installed in the right places in your home. Here are five key places in your home where you need to mount outdoor security cameras.

  1. Front Door:

You really need to monitor your front door since approximately 34 percent of home burglary crimes are committed through the front door. You can mount the best wireless outdoor cameraat a height of about 7 to 9 feet at the front door area. Having a camera that watches the front door area can scare potential intruders and thus deter break-ins or cases of package theft.

  1. Back and Side Doors:

Back and side entrances are also a prime target for burglars and thieves. Installing a device such as the Netvue ORB cam to monitor these entrances can help you deter cases of intrusion through the back and side doors.

  1. Garages:

If you keep items such as cars, tyres, bikes, and tools in the garage, this area is likely to be targeted by thieves and burglars. It is therefore wise to mount an outdoor camera to monitor the entrance of the garage and the nearby areas.

  1. Windows:

Thieves can also break into your house via the windows. You need to install security cameras around all your windows to deter intrusion or help catch intruders.

  1. Driveway and Yard Area:

The driveway and yard are open spaces, but they can also be used by perpetrators of crime. For example, intruders can hide behind hedges in the yard or behind a car parked in the driveway. By installing the best wireless outdoor camera in these spaces, you will be able to scare criminals or get motion alerts whenever the cameras detect movements.


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Introducing Vigil Plus — The 100% Wire-Free Outdoor Battery Security Camera🔋

Introducing Vigil Plus — The 100% Wire-Free Outdoor Battery Security Camera🔋

Introducing Vigil Plus The unprecedented outdoor home security camera, Vigil Plus, helps you to connect with everything completely wire-free. Featured with 1080P full HD live streaming, 9000mAh battery capacity, and IP66 weatherproof, Vigil Plus is able to work properly under different and various circumstances.
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Introducing Birdfy: The First Auto AI Recognition Bird Feeder Camera

Introducing Birdfy: The First Auto AI Recognition Bird Feeder Camera

We have created some cool stuff for you — Back in early 2020, the Netvue team started to form and develop the idea of the Birdfy. It is a solid fact that the current solution in the market for bird-watching cameras is not good enough.
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Tips for an Effective Outdoor Camera Surveillance System

Tips for an Effective Outdoor Camera Surveillance System

Surveillance cameras are a great way to improve the security of your home. Residential surveillance cameras have become more readily available and affordable. They offer an effective and budget-friendly alternative to investing in a security company or professional security systems. However, they are only effective if installed properly.

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4 Great Features to Look for In Security Cameras

4 Great Features to Look for In Security Cameras

Your home should be the one place on this planet that you feel the safest in. It’s therefore important to do all you can to ensure that it remains safe. Installing security cameras is a great way to make your home safer. Cameras act as deterrents to criminals. They also help you keep an eye on what is happening in and around your home.

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