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Belle is the world’s 1st Artificial Intelligence Video Doorbell.

It remembers familiar faces, greets your guests by their names, allows them to leave messages, handles the package delivery for you and even automatically opens your door for the scheduled appointments with preset passcodes! It also detects unusual activities in your desired custom zones and sends you notifications when needed.

With Netvue App, you can check your front door with HD view, talk to your guests, manually unlock the door for them and playback the activity clips automatically saved on the cloud from anywhere at any time.

Say Hi to Vistor
Belle greets your visitors and talks to them for their basic information. It reduces the unnecessary disturbs you would receive every day and allows you to focus on what matters.

Remember & Recognize Faces
Belle is the first doorbell that’s capable of facial recognition. It remembers the visitors’ faces and recognizes them on their next visits. Your guests would feel more welcomed and connected when they are called by their names.

Works With Amazon Alexa
Belle works with Amazon Alexa, allowing you to have access to its tens of thousands of abilities and services. Simply call to Alexa and speak to your Amazon devices to view your front door camera or watch history events when your hands are full.

See HD Live Views
See real-time monitoring videos of your front door in HD day and night.

Answer Your Door Remotely
The video doorbell equips with a high quality mic and speaker that allows you to talk with visitors or delivery man anywhere. Or scare off an unknown suspicious person who is wandering around your front door.

Keep You Posted Anytime
Automatically detect motions, send you alerts and save on cloud as history events for playback.With the customizable motion zone and motion sensitivity, Belle will inform you what you care only.

24/7 Cloud Recording
Have everything recorded continuously on the cloud for up to 7 days.

Smart Night Monitor
The wifi video doorbell would start night vision automatically. With quality infrared LEDs, Belle allows you to see everything clearly even 24/7. Watching over your front door for all the time.

Easy Installation
Belle can be easily installed in a few steps. Simply connect Belle with your existing indoor chime with Belle’s Bypass Kit and mount it on the wall with the provided backplate. Learn more about how to install it with the video guide below.